About Us

Every city has a story…

And we’re excited to begin telling yours.

What is The City Influencer?

Every city has a story and we are on a mission to share them.

The City Influencer was created for anyone who has major love for their city and diversity too.

The City Influencer is…

an authentic celebration of city culture, influence and diversity.

an online news destination that reports the latest in city culture, business, entrepreneurship, food, education, fashion and fun for the African American community in Dallas and beyond.

If you’re a Dallasite, we want to provide with you with a fresh, unique perspective on the place you call home. And if you’re just visiting, we want to ensure that you have a great time while you are in the “Big D” and discover the people and places that make this city so great.

We’re also on a mission to not only share the stories that exist in the Big D but in cities everywhere. Ultimately, The City Influencer will serve as the “go-to” resource for sharing diverse stories and experiences.

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