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Beats By Her is on a mission to transform the local music scene in cities across the country…starting here in the Big D first… naturally. Meet some of the incredible artists in this empowering community.

September Featured Artist Tia Gold. See her LIVE on 9/21!


Neighborhood: Houston, Texas

The inspiration behind one of your songs? Lonely Hearts was inspired by my daughter. She actually wrote a little song with the lyrics, “Peace and Love, everybody needs peace and love. Everybody don’t fight.” I was like wow, even our kids can see the current state of our country. There is so much separation and hate. I just wanted to write a different kind of love song; not love between significant others, but pure love for your neighbor. What happened to respecting and caring for the people around us? I wanted to spread the message of love, thus “Lonely Hearts”

How would you describe your music/fashion style? My style is very simple. I like oversized, comfy clothes. I also have a thing for boho styles. I will switch it up every now and then and throw in some glam because every girl likes feeling fancy sometimes. As far as music, I do Urban-Pop music; not enough soul to be full blown R&B, but too much soul to be full pop lol.

Your thoughts on the Texas music scene? It’s awesome, I think it’s growing slowly. There are constantly people trying to create new opportunities for creatives. The only downside is that there are soooo many artists. And instead of building one another, some of these artists prefer to compete. Not so cool.

tia gold Houston beats by her

The biggest challenge you face in pursuing your musical career? Balancing motherhood and music. Both demand a lot of time and as a mom, you want to give your child 100% of your energy. At the same time, you also want to follow your dreams and passions and set an example that anything is possible. It’s just a struggle trying to juggle it all.
What’s the best advice you could give a new and upcoming artist? Get out there! Only so many people can hear your songs from your bedroom! Get out and meet people. Hit local open mics, network. Your network is your networth. Don’t worry about what you don’t have; you may meet someone willing to help you in that area.

Where can we find/buy your music? All of my music is available for download on all online streaming sites. Tidal, Amazon, Google Play, Apple Music, Spotify etc.

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