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Neighborhood: Dallas, Texas

Your current musical inspiration? Kula Shaker, the way they compose their songs are flawless and are very 60s and 70s inspired even though they are from the 90s.  Just like The Beatles, they were heavily influenced by traditional Indian music which is something that has always inspired me as well.


How would you describe your fashion style? If it looks like it’s from the 70s, I’m probably wearing it.

bayleigh cheek beats by her dallas

The biggest challenge you face in pursuing your musical career? Not having enough money to accomplish what all I want to do.

Dream collab? Tom Waits!! I would love to work with his crazy, eccentric style.

What’s the best advice you could give a new and upcoming artist? Go out and meet people, go to a bunch of shows, play a bunch of shows.  You never know who your going to come across.

bayleigh cheek beats by her

Where can we find/buy your music? Currently Facebook, YouTube, but I will be on Itunes and Spotify in a couple weeks!

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