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 We are excited to shine a major spotlight on a special group. A group of influencers, entrepreneurs and creatives locally as well as across the country that just make this city…cool. These men and women are masters of ideas and curation; they are our tastemakers, our thoughtleaders. They are the kings and queens of influence and originality and because of that, we call them The Influentials

In this edition of The Influentials, get to know the queens of online retail and style, BDonnas.


Pink Pumps Paparazzi Dallas The City Influencer

  • Alexis Weekley, CEO
  • Tiffanie Mims, CEO
  • Latrise Sheriff, Creative Director

GameChangers: In 2001, this impressive group of female founders started their business journey with “BellaDonna Shoes”, a small women’s shoe store in a shopping mall in Tallahassee, Florida, their college hometown. Their first year in business exceeded all expectations which allowed them to rapidly expand and open two locations within only a few months after their grand opening.

The keys to their success? “We’ve been successful because we offer a vast array of product offerings. We also focus on maintaining new, updated content & fresh images in constant rotation on our social channels and website” Alexis states.

Looking back, is there anything that you would have done differently with your business? Yes. We were slow to gain an online presence and should have done so years before we actually did this. We’ve been in business longer than most of the well known online boutiques.

What is it like being a female entrepreneur in Dallas? We love Dallas. But as an online retailer with a large East Coast client base, we still have to find the proper balance of staying connected to our local consumer base and fellow Dallas business owners.

Pink Pumps Paparazzi 7 Bdonnas Partychasers

What’s next for the business? Expansion. We will accomplish this by maximizing use of today’s advanced technology such as online affiliate marketing, a retail app and so much more. Stay tuned.

We’re also thrilled to be hosting the 7th Annual Pink, Pumps & Paparazzi, our annual fashion shoe event. On April 23rd, we’re taking fashion and philanthropy to new levels at the Frontiers of Flight Museum with our special event beneficiary, Women Called Moses. Grab your tickets while they last!

Pink Pumps Paparazzi 7 Bdonnas Partychasers

 Do you have any favorite shoe and/or fashion brands that you love?  Lust for Life, JenniferLe, & House of CB

house of cb

You’ve built an impressive online following. What are your top 4 tips for aspiring fashionistas and entrepreneurs looking to build a loyal and engaged following via social media? Quality images. Be original. Be Consistent. Maintain your integrity at all times.

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