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WHERE WE LIVE: The Island Spot

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Dallas’ eminent Jamaican Kitchen and Bar, The Island Spot, is expanding. The popular eatery currently based in Carrolton, plans to open its second location at The Jefferson Tower development in Oak Cliff on August 30th. The second location boasts 3,600…


CITY READS: Loving Day

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“Exceptional . . . To say that Loving Day is a book about race is like saying Moby-Dick is a book about whales. . . . [Mat Johnson’s] unrelenting examination of blackness, whiteness and everything in between is handled with…


CITY READS: Summer of the Cicadas

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Cole Lavalais cuts through the flesh and bone, right down to the soul, with her exciting and surprising debut novel. Summer of the Cicadas is a kind of coming of age novel, an adventure story, and a tale about the distances people…