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Jillian knows what it means to have everything – a loving family, great friends and an amazing, high profile job. She also knows what it means to nearly lose it all. Her voice hit the airwaves daily, entertaining listeners throughout the city, yet her personal life was crumbling before her eyes. By the time she had made her way through an abusive relationship, she no longer recognized the woman in the mirror. On the brink of losing her mind, her soul and her spirit, her life was hanging on by a thread.withoutbruises1

Without Bruises takes readers on JJ’s turbulent journey through a relationship with a sociopath, and sheds light on the often missed signs of emotional and mental abuse. In a grueling, year-long battle with depression and with the help of family, friends and a life-changing therapist, JJ rises from the ashes better than before. She bounces back with a stronger sense of self, purpose and power, and it is her mission to share a message of hope with the world.

Without Bruises is a must read for anyone questioning the power dynamic in their relationship. It gives guidance and direction to those who have been bruised and broken at the hands of another person; and it offers compassion and understanding to those who love someone currently being abused.


Jillian “JJ” Simmons, a veteran radio host from Cincinnati, Ohio, is more than just another voice to fill the airwaves. As an on-air talent, she has captivated listeners from major cities from across the country, including her hometown Cincinnati (WIZF-FM), Dayton (WROU-FM), New York City (WBLS-FM, where she worked alongside “The Queen of All Media,” Wendy Williams), Indianapolis (WHHH-FM), and Houston (KBXX-FM) . Over the years, she has interviewed many of the rich, famous and influential, including President Barack Obama, and she has contributed her voice of experience to the ongoing dialogue on the impact of Hip Hop on the American social and political landscape.

Having lost two uncles to AIDS, JJ is also a champion of AIDS education and awareness.  She sits on the Board Of Directors for AIDS Foundation Houston. In addition to being a positive influence on people she meets through her work, JJ is a proud mother to a beautiful 9 year-old daughter. She uses her passion for the” mommy experience” to motivate other single mothers through her network and website SingleMomsRock.com.

Jillian+JJ+Simmons+InterviewAlthough she has always had an innate desire to empower others, raising a daughter has deepened her desire to foster change in the lives of women, and inspired her to give birth to JJ’s I’m Me Foundation. In keeping with her mission to create opportunities for positive social interactions and character-building experiences, JJ’s I’m Me Foundation provides tools to improve the esteem and self worth of girls and young women.

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