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Dallas is an incredible city because of its awesome people and places but what about the four-legged Dallasites putting the Big D on the map?

TCI went in search of Dallas’ coolest dogs for our first ever #DallasBaddest contest.

We received submissions from around the metroplex, 32 in all. Our team had a hard time narrowing down at the amazing list of Dallas dogs. But we finally arrived at our winner after reading this glowing nomination from the winner’s mom Brittani.

Tank is the baddest because he is the most chill dog ever, just don’t take his bones. He is a 75-pound pit bull who loves his sister, his ball, his toy chicken and long walks around the block. Some think he’s pretty intimidating because of his size and choose to walk way out of his way on the other sides of the streets to avoid saying hi (which really hurts his feelings btw) but at the end of the day he just wishes that everyone would embrace his big, wet kisses.Tank is always the last man standing at every party and he will literally pull all-nighters just to hang out with his squad. His heart is as big as his head (whoa) and he’s hands down the baddest pup ever.


DALLAS BADDEST, DALLAS, DALLAS DOGSAlong with bragging rights as he claims the throne as Dallas’ ultimate dog with swag, Tank also wins very cool prizes include a $50 gift certificate from PetSmart and a very cool prize pack from Winks and Whiskers!

Thank you to all of the amazing pets who entered the contest. Dallas Baddest will return again next spring so get your photos ready!

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