dapper & dope

It was February 2015…inside a dorm room on the Paul Quinn College campus.

Student Ryan Abrams wanted to create something unique that celebrated fashion, professionalism and diversity for college students. His mission? Stylishly demonstrate that no matter who you are or where you come from, stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new is essential for self-expression. He understood that style takes time; that it is not just an overnight trend. It’s a mindset too.

Dapper & Dope

Ryan Abrams and Joanne Xu

Which is why Dapper & Dope isn’t your average style blog or gallery.

Along with innovative style, diversity plays a significant role in Ryan’s vision.  He felt it was important to showcase debonair people of all colors so that everyone could see a little bit of themselves in each photo.

Dapper & Dope is powered by EXLTUS, an online media platform fueled by Ryan and a powerhouse team of college creatives, that provides young adults and aspiring artists with an outlet to express themselves.

While the initial target audience for Dapper & Dope has been college students, in reality, it ultimately hopes to connect with anyone who has a passion for fashion and a love for expanding one’s fashion horizons.

“I want Dapper & Dope to truly resonate with people. I visualize D&D eventually becoming a much bigger brand complete with a fashion show and even a book. The book would go into the concept of being “fashionably intelligent” and how people can use style to become comfortable with the person underneath the clothes.”

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