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I’M1, the Millennial brand for men and the women who love them, has widened its imprint through a new partnership with Dallas-based bespoke, menswear design and manufacturing house, André Phillipe. The announcement was made by Mr. Phillipe and Jason Smith, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founders of the firm, respectively, and Tommy Meharey, Co-Founder of I’M1 with global lifestyle designer, Kathy Ireland.

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“The vision of André Phillipe, has always been to eventually add high quality, fashion-forward offerings of ready-to-wear products to our portfolio,” says Mr. Phillipe. “Along with our Co-Founder Jason Smith, we are partnering with Kathy, Tommy and the talented teams of I’M1 and Level Brands, allowing us to bring those products to life, as well as to capitalize on and utilize the distribution power, relationships and marketing prowess they bring to the table. With this partnership, we can impact more lives and inspire more people and to us, that’s what matters. Dallas is the home of luxury retailer Neiman Marcus, which carries the stunning line of Ms. Ireland’s Nourison-produced floor art, Kathleen Marie New York. Ms. Ireland is a fashion icon – from the covers of Vogue, Cosmopolitan and SI Swimsuit issues, to multiple Forbes covers. These are among the multitude of reasons we recognize I’M1, Level Brands and kathy ireland® as leaders in fashion and in contemporary luxury goods. We’re thrilled and honored to be a part of this significant endeavor.”

Ms. Ireland, Chair, CEO and Chief Designer of kathy ireland® Worldwide (kiWW®) and also Chief Creative Officer for Level Brands, of which I’M1 is a subsidiary, added “We are very impressed that André Phillipe has so artfully recognized, adapted and led in both the bespoke and now, ready-to-wear manners in which the young men of today are identifying their own styles. André’s designs are classic and timeless, with an added edge which appeals to Millennials who are on their way to establishing their careers. We are simply delighted to partner with André and Jason, on this great venture.”

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Pictured from left to right: Jason Smith, Kathy Ireland, Andre Phillipe, and Tommy Meharey; photographed on location at Licensing Expo 2017 in Las Vegas. (PRNewsfoto/André Phillipe)

Mr. Tommy Meharey – Marine, Millennial, Father and Co-Founder of I’M1 with Kathy Ireland adds, “When André and Jason designed and built suits for me, there was no question. Cutting edge styling. Sexy. Crisp. Fashion for guys at any age, who take care of ourselves and have a young attitude. Launching into the custom and ready-to-wear menswear arenas with André Phillipe, is a blast. These suits are for ballers. The trend-setting, award-winning reputation André’s designs have earned makes André Phillipe the perfect partner for us to launch into the menswear space with. We look forward to collaborating with André in designing and establishing individualistic fashion looks for our clientele of young men on the fast track to success,” he adds.

I’M1 Suits by André Phillipe are available this Fall, and include custom suiting, trousers, jackets, and other luxury menswear items.

About André Phillipe:

Launched in 2013, the Dallas-based design firm has won several “Best of” awards for its menswear. The brand personifies itself as “Frank Sinatra with tattoos” for its timeless style, but with a refined edge. Our mantra is “We are here to inspire people, and God has just given us menswear as the vehicle.”

About kathy ireland® Worldwide (kiWW®):

kiWW® is listed as one of the most powerful brands in the world by License Global Magazine. According to Fairchild Publications, Kathy Ireland is one of the 50 Most Influential People in Fashion. Kathy graces the cover of Forbes Magazine domestically twice (2012, 2016), to date, and will speak at Forbes Centennial in Hong Kong, 2017. Kathy and kiWW® support many non-profits including: YWCA Greater Los Angeles for which she is an Ambassador, Dream Foundation, Providence Educational Foundation, 911 for Kids/AEF, and the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Kathy is an Ambassador for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

About Level Brands:

Level Brands, Inc. is based in Charlotte, N.C. and is the parent company of men’s brand I’M1. I’M1 was co-founded by Tommy Meharey and Kathy Ireland, who serves as Chief Creative Officer for I’M1 and Level Brands.

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