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As we prepare for the first ever #BeatsByHer Showcase, we thought it was fitting to get up close and personal with some of the incredible music influencers making an impact on the Dallas music scene. He may only go by one name but MALEX is a man of many layers and talents. Specializing in genre-breaking sound design, music production and artist mentoring & development, MALEX is devoted to the musical arts and the diverse group of creative, skilled people that have a desire to expand and grow their craft.  His musical influence can be felt locally with Dallas songstresses Sarah Jaffe, Kassy Levels and BBH alum Brooke Ashley and on a national level with icons Gladys Knight and Eminen and many more.

Sarah Jaffe Cyberspace & Time

Sarah Jaffe, Cyberspace & Time

As a special BBH guest Thursday night, we’re looking forward to hearing Malex’s thoughts on the current music scene and the role women will play in the future of music. But for now, get to know this Big D gamechanger.

Name: Maurice A. Alexander II aka MALEX

Neighborhood: Desoto, TX but I have lived just about everywhere in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

TCI:// Born Here or Transplant?

MALEX:// Transplant.  I was born and raised in El Paso, TX and moved to DFW right before my junior year of high school.



TCI:// Tell us about your work. How did you get started?
MALEX:// I got started in hip hop at a really young age.  Today, I write and produce everything from hip hop to pop, R&B, EDM, dance; typically electronic genres.
TCI:// Your biggest achievements to date?
MALEX:// I would have to say winning a Grammy and becoming a 4x platinum audio engineer.
TCI:// Your biggest challenges working in the music industry?
MALEX:// One of the biggest challenges has been getting my work heard and supported by the right people.  The most crucial thing to do is to make sure I stay working, creating new music and doing my best to be original. Once I have the music created, I make sure that I remain visible.  I travel to different cities; attend events, network and collaborate with other artists, producers, and songwriters in the game. You know, planting seeds.
TCI:// List some of the artists you’ve worked with:
MALEX:// My select credits include Eminem, Common, Gladys Knight, S1, Raekwon, and Sarah Jaffe,
TCI:// Describe your experience working with female artists. How are they different from the male artists you’ve worked with?
MALEX:// One  of the things I’ve noticed when I work with female artists is that they tend to write with deeper meaning and a more introspective view of the song.  My music definitely comes out really complex and dynamic when I work with a female writers.
TCI:// For an aspiring artist, what’s your biggest piece of advice? 
MALEX:// Set goals, keep working. Take fear and laziness out of your daily routine.  Sooner or later everyone who keeps grinding becomes successful at some point.  Success doesn’t always look like what you thought it would, but the only people that I have seen fail are the ones who gave up.
TCI:// What’s next?
MALEX:// I have been very busy working on tracks for some very big artists (who I can’t mention at the moment), as well as working on my own project that will be released world-wide in 2017.  I have planted a lot of seeds this year and some of them are already starting to grow.  I am expecting great things in 2017.  Stay tuned.


Snapchat: @snapmalex
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