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Founder, The Natural Cole

the natural cole, dallas naturals

Cole Patrick

The Idea: The Natural Cole is an online resource for women with natural hair to learn about hair care, products, hairstyles and the tools needed to be more confident on their natural hair journey.

GameChanger:  “In May 2012, I big chopped to explore my natural hair texture. I became fascinated with learning about natural hair and the science behind it. (The term “big chop” is the act of cutting off all of your relaxed hair, leaving only your beautiful new growth – which is natural hair.)  I wanted to share what I was learning with other women and I started blogging in January 2013 and created The Natural Cole. After sitting behind the computer for months, I felt that I needed to get out and connect with other women at natural hair events. At these events, women often spoke about a long list of hair problems such as hair styling and keeping the hair moisturized. After hearing about these issues I wondered if sharing information about natural hair care on my website was enough and in September 2014 I created “The Natural Cole: How-To Events” series.  The how-to events are live, hands on sessions that educate women about hair, product information and styling techniques in a hands-on classroom environment. Each attendee receives a swag bag with hair products and tools and a copy of “The Natural Cole’s How – To Workbook” to take notes during the education portion of the event.

City/Neighborhood: Raised in Forrest City, Arkansas. Been a Dallasite since 2001.

What Is It Like Being A Blogger In The D/FW Area? Dallas is known for great restaurants, diversity, awesome events and nightlife so there’s always a wide variety of topics to blog about.  This is what makes it exciting to be a blogger here.  Last year I attended the Dallas Diner en Blanc event as media and  it was one of the best night time outdoor events I’ve attended since living in Texas.  I was there to cover the event but I also met and took pictures of other women with natural hair and incorporated the event into my blog. Just one of the many ways Dallas is so diverse. It’s an exciting time to be a blogger.the natural cole, dallas naturals

What are you currently working on?  I’m really excited to share that I’ll be having my first national event in Cincinnati, Ohio this August. One of my goals this year was to take this event concept on the road. This is just the first stop with more to come. I’m also working on creating more video content.  Producing video content is hard work especially when you’re a one person show.  But I’m getting the hang of it so you’ll see more of me talking about hair care and hair styles on my YouTube channel. Oh and I’ll also be a workshop presenter at the 2016 New Orleans Natural Hair Expo and at the 2016 FitFro Natural Hair, Health and Wellness Expo here in Dallas.

the natural cole, dallas naturals

What are your predictions for the natural hair community?  As long as social media is around, the natural hair community will continue to grow at an exponential rate. Women are becoming more health conscious about food as well as skin and hair products. They are always looking for a solution to healthy hair while maintaining a hairstyle that makes them feel good inside and out. Social media has made it easier for women to find information about natural hair care and connect with other women to share tips, ideas, and experiences.

Top Four Tips Or ideas Aspiring Bloggers Looking To Get Started?

  • Have a reason for wanting to start a blog.
  • Be authentic and write about topics that you know and care about.
  • Start off small by writing one article a week.  Don’t think you have to come out the gate writing every day because it doesn’t work like that.  The more you write, the more you’ll begin to find your voice and your blog will grow organically.
  • Stay focused on your reason for blogging and don’t compare yourself to others; everyone’s journey is different.

 Join The Natural Cole For Her Next Event, ” How To Cornrow”, Saturday January 18th  at The Kowork in the heart of downtown Dallas. RSVP HERE.


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