Andre Emmett The City Influencer Dallas

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credit: reuters

credit: reuters

HIS INFLUENCE: Currently a member of the Jeonju KCC Egis team in the Korean Basketball League (KBL), this Dallas-born NBA veteran has garnered a solid reputation as one of the D League’s top scorers and hardest working players on the court. Since graduating from Texas Tech (where he claimed the title as the Red Raiders‘ 2nd all-time leading scorer), Emmett has traveled the world and back again playing the sport that he loves and has been a passion since his time at Carter High School.

Texas Tech-Memphis-Austin-Lithuania-Los Angeles-Belgium-France-Venezuela-China-Puerto Rico-Lebanon-Mexico- Korea and back again.

With each stamp in his passport also came life lessons learned that he would eventually bring back to the town he calls home…Dallas.

TCI’s publisher Jasmin Brand recently met up with Emmett at local foodie fave, Fuel City, to learn more about his upcoming, citywide philanthropic effort, King of the City and what we can expect to see from him next.

THE BIGGEST MISCONCEPTION PEOPLE HAVE OF YOU?  That I’m all fun and games and that things come easy for me. Most people only witness the finished product of the hard work and total team efforts. I feel they become fun and seem easy after the process is executed. For example; late night early morning workouts, my team picking me up mentally so that I can perform to my capabilities, strategic business planning, sacrifices that are made behind the scenes. People don’t witness any of those; they only see the hype or material things.

WHAT INSPIRES YOU: I’ve been inspired by life. Negative influences inspire me. My mothers sacrifices, my vision board inspires me, short comings, my success puts more inspiration in me, others. I can go on forever. But I say to kids, peers, strangers, allow all things to inspire you. Find something in anything to motivate your moves and your grind. We are presented with success more than we know… the fact that we have opportunities are our avenues to success. What will you do with this opportunity…let it slip, or turn into a form of success? I stay inspired.

HOW HAS TRAVELING AROUND THE WORLD INFLUENCED YOU? Playing ball around the world has opened my mind to different cultures. While I highly dislike being away and apart from my close ones, playing abroad has allowed me to be alone with limited distractions to plot and plan my ideas and visions.
Andre Emmett The City Influencer Dallas
TELL US ABOUT YOUR EVENT, KING OF THE CITY: This is the very first King of the City basketball tournament. We’re looking to host more events but starting first here in Dallas. It’s been something I’ve been wanting to do because the competition is so thick in Dallas and surrounding cities. This one-on-one basketball tournament will bring together people and families from all over the city to watch some of the best individual talents compete to be crowned KoC. We’ve also teamed up with The Amadi Guess Foundation as part of the tournament. I enjoy giving back to the community and youth, especially with those whom share the same passion for the game as I do. The event takes places Saturday May 13th, from 9:30 to 3:30. It’s not too late to sign up for a chance to win the official championship Koc Belt and $10,000.

Kind of the City Andre Emmett The City Influencer Dallas
 WHAT’S NEXT? Shout out to my team because I don’t do anything without them nor would I have success without their help. Charlie, Joe, Steph, Ray, Christie, Iesha, Brian, Akil, Terrance, Kesler “snap” help execute my ideas and goals. So what’s next for us are more community events, business ventures, enjoying the fruits of our labor…because we love to have fun lol.

Andre Emmett the ciy influencer dallas

Grab your tickets HERE for King of the City!


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