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We are excited to shine a major spotlight on a special group;  group of influencers, entrepreneurs and creatives locally as well as across the country that just make content…cool. These men and women are masters of ideas and curation. They are the kings and queens of influence and originality and because of that, we call them The Influentials.


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GameChanger:  expressions bracelets was created to help others express their story, mantra, inspiration, motivation or special cause via our jewelry. We offer hand stamped and laser engraved charm necklaces, charm bangle bracelets, cuff bracelets and key chains, hand crafted in Prosper, Texas. eb donates a portion of each sale to help raise awareness of autism with local charities and organizations. We are currently expanding the line to include more laser engraved products, stainless steel and sterling silver rings as well as re launching a blog to help other entrepreneurs in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

City/Neighborhood: I currently live in Prosper, Texas but I am an Oak Cliff native.

What Is Like Being An Entrepreneur In The D/FW Area? During my four years of business, most of my revenue has come from outside of Dallas, Texas. Because we are primarily an online business, we have served customers across the globe and have experienced great success over the past four years. I am currently working to reach more businesses in Dallas and connect with other like-minded individuals to expand my network. expressions

It is a constant challenge to stay ahead of the game in this ever changing fashion industry but the motivation and support I get from my husband ignites a fire in me to continue to propel this business forward. There are many challenges when it comes to running an entire operation as a one -woman show. I am the designer, the model, the photographer, website designer, customer service, public relations, social media manager, order fulfillment shipping and receiving, sales and marketing, to name a few. The financial/accounting part is managed by my husband; he is the CFO and without him, I would have sank this ship. I also have a few contract employees that help to fill orders and manage some of our site listings.

What has been one of your favorite projects to date?  My favorite collaboration has to be my current partnership with Mary Kay. Because of a connection with Linda Toupin I have worked with a few hundred sales directors to create jewelry incentives (monthly) for their teams. There are currently thousands of eb bangles and cuffs being worn my Mary Kay Ladies across the country.

What inspires you? I draw inspiration from colors and abstract art. I know that sounds strange, but when I was doing beaded bracelets (the first 2 years) I drew most of my inspiration from Pinterest and specifically my Pinterest Board, Colors: The Expressions of Life.

Top Four Tips Or ideas Aspiring Entrepreneurs Looking To Get Started?

  • Define Your Audience/Customer Base – Know your target audience and/or customer. Know where they are, what they like, how they shop, where they shop. Know how to target them and attract them to your brand.
  • Do Your Research – Know your industry and know it well. Know the big names or brands in your industry and know the back stories. Know where they have been and where they are going. Be an expert in your own right, in your field.
  • Network – Both Face to Face and E-Networking (social media) are important to growing a business. Utilize social media. Pick one or two channnels to start with and make them work for you.
  • Never Stop Learning – Keep reading articles, books taking webinars, free seminars and reading blogs on trends, changes in social media, and what’s next for your industry.


We will be introducing you to new Influencers regularly this spring with the hope that they inspire you to think, be and do. For submissions, click HERE.TCI_InfluentialsFinal

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