MEET THE INFLUENTIALS: Tamara Starks, Founder, Treasure Chest Beauty Studio

MEET THE INFLUENTIALS: Tamara Starks, Founder, Treasure Chest Beauty Studio

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We are excited to shine a major spotlight on a group of creatives locally as well as across the country that just make content…cool. These men and women are masters of curation; they are our tastemakers. They are the kings and queens of influence and originality and because of that, we call them The Influentials.


Founder, Treasure Chest Beauty Studio

Her Influence: With hard work, creativity, drive and sheer “badassery”, Tamara Starks is on her way to building a powerhouse beauty brand. Her belief that everyone woman should feel beautiful at every moment serves as the foundation of her personal and professional pursuits.

GameChanger:  “I honestly started my own business after I was fired from corporate America for the last time. In 2006, I was 23 years old & had landed a job making $60,000/year. That unfortunately didn’t last long, but all wasn’t lost. Losing that job actually pushed me towards my destiny as an entrepreneur. When I was in the 2nd grade, I used to sell candy and quickly discovered the concept of supply and demand and buying and selling. Even at that early age, I always knew it was my mission to be the supplier! That same year, I started Treasure Chest as a storefront selling accessories, handbags and lingerie. In 2009,  I decided to add virgin hair extensions to my store offerings as I realized they were something that women needed to experience. Virgin hair was very new to Texas at the time and I quickly began to see a demand for them. I guess you could say the rest was history as Treasure Chest Virgin Hair was officially born in 2012.


Born & Raised or Transplant? I’m a proud mom and wife that was born and raised in Fort Worth. I’m an alumna of The University of Texas at Arlington.

What Are Your Goals For Your Business And The Treasure Chest Brand? The vision for Treasure Chest Beauty Studio surfaced in 2014 when I observed women purchasing our Treasure Chest extensions, but didn’t have a stylist to install them properly. There was a need to provide women total beauty solutions all in one location. Treasure Chest Beauty Studio is a one-stop shop featuring the best in local beauty talent the city has to offer.

Ultimately, my goal is to help as many people that I can in this lifetime. I’d also like to eventually grow my business to several locations around the city. I want to make my brand a household name here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

What Have Your Experiences Been Like as a Female Business Owner in the D/FW Area: I can’t complain; actually very supportive. When you’re honest and treat people right, more and more people are drawn to you! You have to be a likable person for women to support you and tell people about you. I’ve had my fair share of trial and error connecting and dealing with the wrong people, but for the most part, I love being a business owner in Dallas. I support women and they support me back.

What Is The Biggest Challenge Facing African American Professionals Today? Consistency; we tend to give up easily instead of restructuring our plan and continuing to push forward. Resources and planning can be difficult too. Not knowing how to create a road map to accomplish our goals is a challenge for many.

Has the Growing Natural Hair Movement Affected Your Business? What Are Your Thoughts On It? Yes, there’s been a change. I’m selling more closures for protective styles so yes, it’s affected my business. When you are a “naturalista” and buying a different texture of hair, you’d rather it look natural without damaging your real hair and our closure experts at Treasure Chest Beauty studio specialize in closure installs. Your stylist can make or break your closure experience! I’ve also noticed an increase in sales of our Kinky Straight Hair extensions.  A lot of the naturals are really digging that hair!


Serious about making 2016 your year? Tamara wants to help you set the plan and build a team to put it in motion! Join Tamara and special guests for a Vision Board and Mastermind Workshop February 9th at the Treasure Chest Beauty Studio in Arlington, Texas. Purchase your tickets HERE.

We will be introducing you to new Influencers regularly this spring with the hope that they inspire you to think, be and do.

If you are interested in being featured, we would love to hear your story. Shoot us a line.



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