We are excited to shine a major spotlight on a group of individuals locally as well as across the country that just make content and community…cool. These men and women are masters of curation and lifestyle; they are our tastemakers. They are the kings and queens of influence and originality and because of that, we call them The Influentials.

We are thrilled to introduce you to Stephanie and Stacy Bowers – two sassy talking, flip-flop wearing, sweet tea drinking southern girls from South Carolina. Their dad proudly served in the US Army, completing tours in Japan, Germany and across the US. On his last tour of duty in Fort Hood, Texas, he retired and they eventually moved to Dallas. For over 20 years, this dynamic duo have been proud Dallaistes and giving back to the community that they now call home.


Project Manager of Operations, Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity

Her InfluenceI am the Project Manager of Operations for the Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity. I am responsible for developing new methods of completing the organization’s tasks in the most efficient time frame. I am accountable to our CEO for creating a systems-wide master plan for implementation and defining resource requirements for procurement. I also oversee and track key milestones, resolve issues and maintain comprehensive policies and procedures. I am a proud graduate of Prairie View A&M University and the University of Texas. Additionally, I actively support Operation Hope and Banking On Our Future as a lead financial educator hosting youth workshops.

Career Goals? I want to become an executive leader that specializes in leading and implementing programs that protect the value of organizations as well as develop robust risk management platforms that honor the mission of organizations. I enjoy taking out-of-the-box approaches to professionally make a difference day by day; influencing and mentoring others to live in a way that makes a positive difference and investing in underserved neighborhoods.

The Biggest Issue Facing African American Professionals Today? A lack of social and cultural continuity can be a big issue at times. At large, the stereotype is that African American professionals do not help out one other. I believe these generalizations are somewhat based on reality. The lack of continuity is attributed to individuals’ habits, motives (hidden and obvious) and positions of power and control. To overcome these assumptions, professionals should genuinely endorse, transparently advocate, and openly promote other African Americans. Educating and sharing relevant information will also contribute to the growth and success of our peers. Celebrating the accomplishments of African Americans featured in The City Influencer is another great way to promote social and cultural continuity.

If Someone Was Visiting Dallas For The First Time, Where or What Would You Recommend They See/Do? I would definitely recommend one of the great spas found only in Dallas. Starting with my absolute favorite, the Rosewood Crescent Spa, especially if someone is in need of major rejuvenation. The spa offers great relaxation packages, wonderful steam rooms and saunas, and adding lunch to a spa package is a great way to wrap up the visit. I would also recommend the ZaSpa, Spa Habitat, and Hiatus Spa + Retreat to help reset someone’s zen as well.


Vice President of Community Development Lending, BBVA Compass Bank

Her InfluenceI am Vice President of Community Development Lending for BBVA Compass Bank. As the bank’s point of contact for community development homeownership efforts, I manage lending programs for underserved neighborhoods, advocate for financial education and promote homeownership through BBVA Compass Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) mortgage programs. I actively engage the bank’s branches in developing and providing programs focused on home ownership options for low and moderate income individuals in order to build strong and vibrant communities. I always wanted to make a difference and have a career that influenced positive change in my community. But honestly, it is so much more than that. The best way that I can describe it is to tell people to imagine the first time they bought their car or purchased their first home and remember how that felt. I get to experience those types of achievements everyday in my profession; for some of my clients, they never thought owning a home would be possible, which makes my job all that more rewarding.

Career Goals? In my career, I have been blessed to experience such great moments and opportunities. As my career continues to advance, my goal is to remain focused on being a person that affects change. I pride myself on being able to offer home lending programs that help clients achieve their dream of homeownership. I also plan to expand my opportunities to facilitate more financial education workshops and literacy programs that help individuals overcome their financial challenges and understand these challenges do not define them.

Why Is It Important For African American Professionals To Become Philanthropists? I believe it is more important now than ever for African American professionals to become philanthropists; to continue building on the progressive history lived before us. With each generation, African American people have become more financially savvy, economically stable, and role models to diverse cultures. We have more African Americans in corporate board rooms, as business owners and as diverse influencers in various industries than at any other time in our history. Today, we are in a position to close the gaps that challenge our communities and leave our neighborhoods and our legacy better than how we received them. We possess a wealth of knowledge that is specifically unique to our culture; acquired not only through education but life’s experiences as well. Through our philanthropic acts we can create opportunities instead of leaving history to repeat itself generation after generation. We must seize every moment so that someone else will have a chance. Our time as African Americans to sit and sustain our platforms has passed; we must continue to build upon the endless possibilities the world has to offer.

If Someone Was Visiting Dallas For The First Time, Where or What Would You Recommend They See/Do? A must-see would be the Dallas Black Dance Theater and the company’s amazingly creative performances. Additionally, the AT&T Performing Arts Center always features a great line up of productions to choose. Before or after the performances, there are some really great places nearby to grab a bite to eat like Perry’s Steakhouse, Sambuca’s, and Saint Ann’s (make sure to check out the Mueller Museum samurai collection on the 2nd floor).

What Have Your Experiences Been Like As Twins?  Very blessed, to say the least. So often we are asked can we feel each other’s emotions or do we know what the other one is thinking. The answer to both questions by the way is no. Through the years and stages of our lives, the experiences have consistently changed, but they were always really great to experience with one other. As children we got two of everything. As teenagers we shared clothes (what teenage girl wouldn’t want instant access to a whole other separate wardrobe in a completely different color?!).  In college, we road tripped to each other’s universities. And as young adults, we obtained our first professional jobs in the home lending industry; unbeknownst to either one of us that we would continue to build our careers in community development.

We’re proud of the commitment Stephanie and Stacy have made to the community and can’t wait to see what comes next from these influential women in business.

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