It wasn’t until I was at a bar in Austin, talking to fellow Dallasites, that I realized how it sounds.

“What part of Dallas are you from?”

“I live in Addison.”

The group of guys I was talking to instantly started turning up their nose and making “you think you fancy” jokes. They were from Mesquite and had an idea of what people who “lived up North” were like.  I started to laugh and dismiss their snooty jokes (shoutout to my alma mater SMU for the training). But after the interaction, I started thinking about my geolocation.

I’ve lived in North Dallas my entire life. I went to school in Carrollton, church in The Colony, and often hung out in Frisco when I was a teen. Life in North Dallas offers the same benefits as many mid-city suburbs like affordable housing and a good quality of living. The only difference is perception.

If you’re new to Dallas, you may think there is a lack of things to do up north, but if you know where to go, and have a Tolltag ready, you’ll find an area in North that totally suits your lifestyle needs. Depending on the neighborhood, housing can be cheap, land is abundant, and getting around only takes 30 minutes or less.  If you’re looking for a change in scenery, there’s nothing wrong with moving on up the tollway.  If you’re a young professional thinking about moving up North, here are few of my favorite areas to hang out. Click the map below to see these areas up close.

google map 4 areas north dallas

  • Addison

    Addison technically isn’t a city or suburb; it’s a town. The area it covers is small, but the entertainment is big. Their annual events like Taste of Addison, Kaboomtown and Summer Series at Vitruvian Park make living here worth every penny.

  • Austin Ranch

    If you like the outdoors, this community inside The Colony is perfect for you. The nearby lakes and rolling hills make this area feel like Hill country. The local shops and community events make this area inviting year round.

  • Frisco

    The Dallas Cowboys chose this area as home to their new practice facility for a reason. The booming suburb is becoming a hub for sports, shopping and more. There’s always something to do, whether you’re starting a family or just starting out.

  • Shops at Legacy

    Mixed retail developments around Dallas are based on the success of The Shops at Legacy. What started out with just a few anchor stores has become a popular spot. If you plan everything just right, you can live, work and play at the Shops.

Moving on Up (The Tollway) continues next week with six coffee shops for a date in North Dallas.

Kian Hervey is the Editorial Director of Forty Magazine,
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