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Beats By Her is on a mission to transform the local music scene in cities across the country…starting here in the Big D first… naturally. Meet some of the incredible artists in this empowering community.

August Featured Artist Kiana Maye. See her live August 24th!

Kiana Maye

Neighborhood: Denton, Texas

Your current musical inspiration? My current musical inspiration is Russ. Not only did he pursue music despite having stage fright, but he kept at it for 10 years despite the doubt of others, or being made to feel like he was crazy or not good enough. He creates everything he puts out, from the lyrics to the beat and I aspire to do the same as well.

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How would you describe your fashion style? I would describe my style as girly and glamorous but also a little bit grungy. I love glitter and pink and leopard print, but I also like big t-shirts and that hip hop dancer look too. 

The biggest challenge you face in pursuing your musical career? The biggest challenge I’m facing in my musical career is myself. We’re all molded from the time we’re born until the day we die by everything around us. The challenge I face is stripping down the layers of conditioning from the world to find and become my truest and freest self.

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 What’s the best advice you could give a new and upcoming artist? Love and accept yourself. I feel like loving and accepting who you are as a person is the base work that should be done before you try and figure out who you are as an artist.

Where can we find/buy your music? My music is on Soundcloud!

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