soul brothers moonshine

Soul Brothers Moonshine was developed in 2013 by two friends after spending many afternoons and evenings with family and friends sipping a nice adult beverage and cooking BBQ or Gumbo. Everyone that came by always showed up with a special taste that was their favorite and became part of their family. Founders Wesley Pruitt Jr. and Mike Hale looked at those different flavors and tried their best to duplicate the favorites and even tweaked some to give them a bit more bite.

Soul Brothers Moonshine promises to always try and make the smoothest ‘shine that will ever pass your lips. That’s their mission and they hope you’ll become part of their family too. No matter the flavor that you prefer, they always ask that you drink responsibly.



The original flavor out of the still is just a clear ‘shine that has some distinct flavors that come from mash made with corn and sugar. It carries a potent taste and bite that is great for sipping or using as a base for many flavors of mixes. A Soul Brothers’ favorite has always been ‘shine with a little cranberry juice, comes out smooth and has an almost delicate taste with no bitter after taste. But if cranberry isn’t around just mixing with a good cola works fine. For the adventurous they believe it is delicious mixed as a Bloody Mary and the spicier the better. Another easy drink to make is to mix a bottle of original flavor with whole strawberries for 3 or 4 hours in a cold refrigerator and then enjoy. That makes some really fine strawberries. For a relaxing day, it’s a great way to start.


This delicious flavor adds to the smoothness of original recipe and brings to mind the wonderful aroma of Mom’s apple pie as it cools on the kitchen counter. That taste of fresh apples, cinnamon and ‘shine are a great compliment for each other. Best served room temperature and also cold. When it’s been in the refrigerator you can mix with different fruits to create some smile making moments. Blueberries and Peaches both make great additions for some sipping ‘shine that is bursting with flavor.


A delightful, artisanal Cognac combines to bring the flavors of small producers in France that grow the grapes, ferment them, distill them twice and age them in oak barrels for a minimum of two years. Soul Brothers takes their ‘shine seriously and combine that with those same flavors that a great Cognac develops and that marriage creates a fine tasting ‘shine. They are very proud of our Cognac flavor and believe it has the same characteristics and smoothness of a wonderful aged Cognac; they distill theirs six times. The Cognac flavor is a perfect sipping ‘shine or makes a wonderful base for mixed drinks.

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