Kevin Walker is a Strategist and Managing Partner of the CultureLab Agency.

CultureLab was founded in 2006 as a creative services agency with the mission of helping clients connect more effectively to next generation consumers. Over time however, it’s moved from a full service creative agency into a consultancy focused on trends intelligence, strategic consulting, and social data research.

Clients have included Volkswagen Group of America, Nokia Latin America, In Touch Credit Union, Saatchi & Saatchi NY, American Heart Association, Fort Worth Public Library and BET Networks.

Along with a solid reputation as a cultural trendspotter, Kevin is also quickly becoming known across the country for his passion project, Afro Bohemian Snob, a curation of the visual web celebrating the beauty, intelligence, sensuality and culture of the African diaspora.


What would you like the readers of The City Influencer to know about you and Afro Bohemian Snob?

I am deeply passionate about Black culture and educating the masses about certain unknown aspects of Black culture. For instance, we just posted an article on our website about Afrofuturism and it went viral. There are stories yet untold about the multifaceted nature of Black culture and Black people around the world.

Afro Bohemian Snob is a passion project that blossomed into something that people have responded positively to. In many ways, Black people have disappeared from mainstream media but Afro Bohemian Snob reasserts our beauty, contribution and importance to media and culture around the world but through our lens. Don’t you think the world would be a dull place without the flavor that the people  of the African diaspora offer?

What is your vision and goal for 2015 for Afro Bohemian Snob?

My vision is to morph into a bonafide multimedia publishing platform that brands would want to partner with in order to reach people who are into the stuff we like.tumblr_nf5m4r1j2l1resujyo1_1280(1)

What are your thoughts on the influence of Black culture in Dallas and throughout the world? 

A lot of people are astonished when they find out that Afro Bohemian Snob started in Dallas. I can remember a time when I was at the SXSW Festival in Austin and I was wearing my Afro Bohemian Snob t-shirt. This random guy approached me and said “Hey! That is a cool shirt; what is it about?” I told him it was my blog and he asked where I was from and he was floored when I told him Dallas. “Dude, I thought you were going to say Brooklyn or D.C. but not Dallas!” I think that kind of sums up how unique it is for me to be doing this type of project here. The internet has made our world smaller. I know we are not Brooklyn or Atlanta when it comes to cool Black culture, but the advantage I have living here in Dallas is a low cost of living and the ability to travel very easily.

So why not Dallas?


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Twitter: @afrobohosnob



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