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We’ve said it time and again but it certainly deserves repeating – it’s the people that make a city worthwhile. They are the heart, soul and most often, the lifeline keeping the places we call home alive.

It is our mission to not only shine a light on Dallas’ coolest brands, shops and restaurants, but we want to support them too. They need us just as much as we need them to keep our city a great place to live, work and play.

Every month, we’ll be bringing you THE LIST.

Our very own picks of the Dallas places that should be on your radar. We’ll also be on the hunt for those shops and brands owned by people of color as we continue our mission of celebrating diversity.

YOUR CHALLENGE: Join us this month in showing some love to the city’s best. Engage with their social pages. Tell your friends about them or support them directly with a purchase.

Say hello to January’s selections:


the prototype lifestyle agency

The Skinny: A newly launched lifestyle agency that combines a variety of personal services for busy professionals under one roof.

Why It’s Hot: The Prototype’s innovative approach. Whether you’re in need of a fashion stylist, chef or personal trainer, this Dallas-based company has got you covered with their diverse team of lifestyle experts known as The Prototype Professionals.

porsche williams, the prototype lifestyleFrom The Founder: “I created The Prototype because I saw a need to improve the client experience when it comes to the lifestyle industry. I also wanted to provide the entrepreneurs that work in this space with access to a new source for clients and opportunities. For our team, I am partnering with lifestyle professionals that can serve a variety of clients. The Prototype wants burgeoning talent as well as professionals with years of experience under their belt. Ultimately, we want you to come to our site and immediately get the feeling that they will be taken care of no matter what stresses or challenges they may be facing.” Porsche Williams

How To Support: The Prototype Professionals are ready to serve you. Book your favorite stylist or fitness professional HERE.

Celebrate: The Prototype is kicking off 2017 in style with a special event, UndertheINFLUENCE, on Saturday, January 28. RSVP while tickets remain.


dallas culture, grayson social

The Skinny: New downtown Dallas eatery offering southern style cuisine and charm.

Why It’s Hot: Grayson Social is a neighborhood restaurant for the proverbial birds of a feather, that like to go-out, hang-out and make a ruckus on the regular. Quickly building a name for their tall drinks and biscuits. Aptly christened Killer Biscuits due to the obscene amount of butter and irreverent Texan bravado mixed into every batch…consider yourself warned.

How To Support: Grayson Social is open the following hours:

Breakfast: Monday through Friday 6:30am to 10am
Lunch: Monday through Friday 11am to 2pm
Brunch: Saturday and Sunday 7am to 2pm
Dinner: Sunday through Thursday 5pm to 10pm
Friday and Saturday 5pm to 11pm

Show some love. Book your reservation NOW.

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